About the Artist

Taren de St. Croix is a Canadian artist, born in Sydney, Australia in 1969. Surrounded by artists, her creativity has been encouraged by her family and teachers throughout her life. Spending childhood summers with grandparents in England, she was taken on their weekly painting trips where they would set up stools and easels at the side of the road and paint landscapes with oil paints. Many hours were spent in her mother’s studio, watching her paint floral watercolors and experimenting with paints, inks and wax.

Taren has always been drawn to texture, colour and shape. While completing her degree in Fine Art at the University of Guelph, she spent most of her studio time sculpting, and class time in the history of the great modern masters. In 2016 Taren started to paint abstract paintings with acrylics. Taren is best known for her bright colours and engaging movement through texture and shape.

Taren talks about her greatest influence, “I am encouraged greatly in my faith, and that influences all of my work. It is in honour of that relationship that I paint, and in turn I hope to create a work that shares the unconditional love and joy that is present.”

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